Rally to read main
(Image: Glassock)
Glassock CEO Trevor Glassock.

Glassock CEO Trevor Glassock joined other members of the Bidvest Group at Rally to Read locations across the country on Nelson Mandela International Day 2017 to bring much needed supplies and resources to qualifying schools.

Bidvest, through Waltons Stationery, donated stationery for the rally schools. This included pencils, pens, calculators, pencil crayons, chart paper, wax crayons, scissors, sharpeners, powder paint and many other useful items for the classrooms.

Finding the correct rally schools are not easy and the decision is based on the following criteria:

  • The school most in need of support (ie, libraries; teacher training; in-situ monitoring and evaluation)
  • A school with a good principal with strong leadership skills
  • A school in the right rural location within a deserving community

Bidvest works with the Department of Education and the READ Educational Trust to finalise the school selection process. An ideal rally is 12 schools within a 100km radius of each other.

Rally To Read 01
(Image: Glassock)
The Rally to Read chests are packed full of stationery and books.
Rally To Read 03
(Image: Glassock)
Learners and teachers await the opening of the Rally to Read goodies.
Rally To Read 04
(Image: Glassock)
Learners showing off some of their gifts.