Glassock Siyazigabisa 2013
(Image: Glassock)
Jackie Glassock with Siyazigabisa owner and founder, Gabisile Khoza.

Glassock's Sam Estill and Jackie Glassock recently visited the Siyazigabisa Home of Hope in Tembisa with electricity vouchers, blankets and books for the kids who live at the home. The visit formed part of our Mandela Day activities.

Glassock supports the home as part of its CSI programme, with contributions coming both from the company and from the staff.

Siyazigabisa is the permanent home of around 20 children between the ages of eight and 15. It also feeds and provides a safe aftercare environment for a further 80 children. The home, the brainchild of owner and founder, Gabisile Khoza, is well run and maintained, relying entirely on donations and volunteer work for survival. 

"It was a particularly cold and blustery morning, so the blankets were very well received," said Jackie. "We also delivered children's books for their classroom and teaching facility, as well as some old encyclopaedias."

Glassock Siyazigabisa Gabsile Khoza 2013 1
(Image: Glassock)
Gabisile "models" one of the blankets and the electricity vouchers.


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